We all know him as PAULIE! Burt Young portrayed Paulie Pennino¬†who was a major role in the Rocky Film series. He was the brother in law and best friend to Rocky Balboa and really was a major part in bringing the Rocky franchise to life. He added a certain charisma that really allowed a small town feel...up close and personal. Burt played Paulie in every Rocky movie except the latest installment; CREED. But we are looking beyond ROCKY in this piece...   PauliePainter-header-USE   We are discussing something that started for Burt Young back when he was 12 years old and he won some art supplies from a New York City Parks Department contest...Burt says, "When I was 12, I won a New York City art department contest. I did a painting about playgrounds or bicycle safety. I've painted my whole life."... A look at Burt Young: The Artist!